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Newsletter, issue 1

 issue 1

December 20, 2002   Keeping you up-to-date every quarter!
The news
The newsletter is published once a quarter to keep members informed of all the latest happenings at LRUN. This is the first newsletter and mostly  for the members of LRUN who live  outside of Lithuania.

Initially I will sent it out once in the quarter. If I have more news, I will do it more often.

2002, July 07. The  State Day, when the first Lithuanian king Mindaugas was crowned in 1253, was celebrated in Traku Voke  in the manor of count Tiskevicius with the local community. Over 50 new members were legitimized and got their Statements of  Nobility.

On July 19,2002 we were fortunate to receive the former estate of Count Tiskevicius. It is located in Traku Voke, a suburb of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. We have use of the estate for 99 years according to the Decision No. 1197 of the Republic of Lithuania.

On December 14, 2002.
The legitimization of 14 new members was confirmed by the  Legitimization Committee Board.

At the senate meeting it was decided that the fees for the legitimization of new members would be increased to help defray the cost of renovating and maintaining our new LRUN headquarters, Traku Voke.


The new palace of the LRUN

   The building was very neglected and needs significant repairs. In addition, the maintenance costs are expensive. The last owner, the Institute of  Agriculture of Lithuania, with a branch office in Traku Voke, vacated the building three years ago. Since that time, the building was left without heat. As a result the water pipes and heating system were damaged by the winter's cold temperature.
   A security system has already been installed to prevent unauthorized entry.  Our first and most important task is to restore the heating system for winter and repair the roof.

We need support or sponsorship very much!

Opening party

2002, October 12. The opening ball was held at the  Noblemen palace in  Traku Voke.


 The manor of Traku Voke is on the old way Vilnius-Gardin. Until the 19th   century it belonged to the Marshal of Trakai, Ludwik DÄ…mbrovski.  Later, in  1850 the estate with its plot of land was bought by Count Jonas Tiskevicius, the Marshal of Noblemen of Vilnius province. This magnificent estate was  built in 1876-80 by Italian architect L.Marconi. Marconi was commissioned to duplicate Lazenki the royal estate of the Polish  king Stanislaw Poniatowski in Warsaw. The architect built a smaller but  more beautiful and elegant version of the building.

The members of the LRUN (THE ROYAL  ASSOCIATION OF THE LITHUANIAN NOBILITY) gathered in the new palace in Traku Voke on October 12, 2002. The torches were arranged on the both sides of the main entrance to the palace. The representatives of the media met the guests at the entrance to the palace. The classical music in the main hall and the champagne awaited the guests. The atmosphere was solemn.

The President of LRUN, Undine Nasvytyte gave the greeting speech with her own poetry. The ambassadors of Germany and Switzerland also took part in the party.
The architect and the  Deputy Chief Grazina Jukneviciene spoke about the history of the palace.


The performers of National Philharmonic of Lithuania, the Group of Old Dances "Puelli Vilnensis", the representatives of Noblemen Marija Neniskytë,  Virginija Daugirdiene, Vaiva Juceviciute and Beata Krapickaite took part in the concert.

Although there was no heating in the palace it was warm from  dances and from  the good cheer of those who attended the ball. The restaurant "Stikliai" provided the guests  with the delicious dishes and with a temporary gas oven.

The first artistic work for the palace was presented  by   the President  of the Landowners' Association of the Lithuania, M.Sventoraitis.
The greatest donations were made by G.Jukneviciene and A.Remesa for maintaining and renovating the palace.

The first artistic work was presented for the palace by   the President  of the Landowners' Association of the Lithuania M.Sventoraitis.

Help for the LRUN
  • One of our member, who live in Connecticut (USA) helped with the translation of three LRUN site pages about the new Noblemen Palace and this newsletter, as well.
  •  Afred Krupa, the member of Polish Nobility Association (Croatia), has the intention to present some his artistic work for the Palace

I welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the newsletter.

LRUN, Webmaster Audrone Musteikiene

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